What can you say about road humps?

Is there a time in your life that you got irritated by road humps?

When you are in a hurry to go somewhere but you had to slow down because there is a hump. You get irritated.

All the more you get irritated when you see several humps on a long stretch on the road.

Then I found out that these humps are put there to avoid accidents. In our neighborhood, they are placed there because drivers used to race down the road, feeling like Formula 1 drivers (Hello, Max Verstappen! ha ha!)

I guess it’s the same in real life. Humps are there to slow us down, giving us time–though quickly–to pause, to reflect, to turnaround if needed.

Today is midweek, best time to consider your actions and evaluate if they are steering you toward your goal for the week.

Are you a gamer?

Isn’t it that when you are playing a game, you cannot stop until you go on to the next level so that you can access higher levels, unlock new games, and the play becomes more exciting? You play hard, you play aggressively, you play nonstop.

Life is so much like that. Every challenge you conquer is wisdom gained.

Don’t focus on the challenge now but direct your sight to the wisdom you will gain in the end. Be excited about the next level!

Are you tuned in to your customers?

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The reality is, most organizations are more concerned with their outputs than their inputs—making listening a bit of a lost art. Imagine, responding to a friend without taking the time to actually understand what they’re saying first. The same goes for your consumers. Creating a message without considering the wants and needs of customers can achieve the opposite of your goal, and can come off quite insensitive and uninspired.

Conversations are a two-way street; even between brands and consumers. Marketers know that people’s needs and behaviors have shifted dramatically, and will continue to do so over this next year. Online shopping is at its peak, new brand discovery is on the rise and content is more popular than ever. In fact, starting from a place of listening can improve brand trust and ad recall. Which is why it’s the first and most important step to creating a sonic strategy.

Because the secret to being heard, is listening.



This is the pitfall of many. That’s why listen to understand not listen to reply.

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What’s Your Favorite App?

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Welcome to the digital era of mobile apps!

About four years ago, some said that we reached the end of the app era. Fast forward to today, mobile applications have never been more in demand and in use especially in this lock-down brought about by the corona virus.

Let’s face it, mobile apps increase engagement and offer ease of transaction. That’s why in a survey, the results were very promising as apps move to being used as mobile shopper.

62% of the businesses already have mobile apps. Among these 20 % use their apps for branding purpose, 30 % use it for revenue generation and other 50 percent use it for engagement and for support from customers. Apps can be used for many kind of activity such as digital magazines, logging exercise, newsletters, vouchers and many more. All is to imagine something innovation which will engage customers and they will enjoy using it. Continue reading…

What are the popular apps?

I am pretty sure, many of us have Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. In my case, I have the latter two plus Lazada, Shopee, Uniqlo, and Apple TV, and of course those delivery apps such as Grab and Lalamove.

In the article above, 30% of apps is used for revenue generation. Yes, I like the app that will bring in earnings as opposed to those that make me spend my money.

I found an app that brings in $$$ weekly as a result of my hard hustle the previous week. Now, I am introducing this app to people who enjoy hard, focused and disciplined work, and who like the same results I am getting.

Shoot me an email if you like to know more about this app.

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The Big Lesson of the Pandemic

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“The big lesson of the pandemic is that great things can happen when people stop worrying about making mistakes or not getting everything perfect the first time around. During the COVID-19 crisis, change was free. There were no alternatives, no office politics and no fear of mistakes—because the alternatives were far worse…”

{Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, the cloud communication platform that has seen its stock soar 5X since the pandemic and is now worth a whopping $59 billion dollars.}

Read more here.

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