Are You Ready for the Mobile CX?

CX through mobile

“Customers are buying experiences,” says Jos Ortega, Chair & CEO of Havas Ortega, at the Customer Experience (CX) Management Seminar 2017 organized by Fiera de Manila, Inc. last September 6th at the AIM, Makati City.

True. Gone are the days that you only think about selling products or services. The purchase process has now focused more on what you get out of the experience of buying a product or getting a service.

Thus, you rally your customer service team to attend to the customer well, give them their best smile, most polite voice and demeanor, and always put their best put forward. They have to give excellent customer service by all means.

Now, the question would be: how do you measure experience when you don’t get to interact with your customer face to face?

Technology has become the game changer.

Customers no longer go to your brick and mortar store, rather they buy online. They buy while mobile. They are consuming your product and services through mobile. In fact, 90% of the time is now spent on mobile.

So now, customer experience (CX) happens on mobile. Advertisers are now chanting, go mobile or go bust! For the most part of the business nowadays at least.

Video has also become the most effective lead generation and so if you are producing videos to promote your business, you should evaluate your videos on the mobile platform to see how they are playing or being played from the customers end.


Are you ready for the mobile customer experience?

One interesting development I learned from that CX seminar was the evolution of e-commerce platform. E-commerce started with a website (www), then the use and development of applications (apps), and now the messaging (chat messenger with chat bots).

It’s also interesting to know that companies have been using Facebook to its full potential; meaning leveraging on the features of Facebook to grow their business. Two of these features are the Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Workplace.

How do they do these? Companies build their Facebook pages and incorporate Facebook Workplace into it so that when their customers access their company through the Facebook Messenger (or they even direct their customers to the messenger), they use the chat bots to interact with their customers. And I tell you these chat bots can be as intelligent as they can be.

Let me cite an example. This is HealthTap leveraging on Facebook Messenger and Chat Bots to interact with their customers.

It’s pretty straight forward is it? It works because you are like chatting to someone who can provide you with answers.

But are other companies as responsive?

Let me cite a comparison.

Company A

Marriott Manila 1

Company B

Solaire 1

Which do you think has a friendlier mobile CX?

Both ‘typically replies in a day,’ but one right away says they are not available at the time of customer contact.

The kind of messaging you use contributes to the overall customer experience, so you have to be careful. But it appears, too, that the company just translated what people see on their website and has worked into their mobile.

As you go mobile, understand the platform, the way HealthTap obviously does. Then provide the customer the confidence that they can transact safely all the way through.

In mobile, all the more you need to be friendlier as experience becomes on demand. It is easier for your customer to dismiss you with a click as it is easier for them to hit that purchase/checkout button.


What Do You Know About Marketing Psychology

It’s undeniable how modern technology shaped today’s society. You can see it anywhere, everywhere you turn, every person is on their phone either texting or updating their social media accounts. Which is why businesses have taken the battlefield straight to the people — and what better way to connect with your consumers than through social media.

You can see countless brands releasing campaign ads that are specialized to their target market to expose their brand and boost their sales. However, even the most clever campaign ad still has a hard time engaging consumers.

Why? It is because human behavior changes every minute. And as human life evolves and progresses, expect the complexities of human behavior to expand.

Interested to know more about how psychology affects marketing strategies of businesses?

Here’s an infographic by M2Social, a digital advertising agency in the Philippines, to further understand how your marketing strategy can tap the subconscious mind of people and engage them to your brand.

Marketing Psychology: Human Behaviour’s Influence on Social Media Marketing