What Do You Know About Marketing Psychology

It’s undeniable how modern technology shaped today’s society. You can see it anywhere, everywhere you turn, every person is on their phone either texting or updating their social media accounts. Which is why businesses have taken the battlefield straight to the people — and what better way to connect with your consumers than through social media.

You can see countless brands releasing campaign ads that are specialized to their target market to expose their brand and boost their sales. However, even the most clever campaign ad still has a hard time engaging consumers.

Why? It is because human behavior changes every minute. And as human life evolves and progresses, expect the complexities of human behavior to expand.

Interested to know more about how psychology affects marketing strategies of businesses?

Here’s an infographic by M2Social, a digital advertising agency in the Philippines, to further understand how your marketing strategy can tap the subconscious mind of people and engage them to your brand.

Marketing Psychology: Human Behaviour’s Influence on Social Media Marketing

State of Sponsored Social

In this age of the new media, aka social media, here is the deal when it comes to being effective in your processes.

Real product experience and a sense of content creator credibility, expertise, and resulting respect are top-rated sponsored social effectiveness drivers.

{Source: IZEA Fest 2015}